How to get rid of a yucca

Asked July 6, 2016, 4:26 PM EDT

I dug up an unwanted yucca plant last year, not realizing the chain of events i was setting off. As you probably know, every tiny scrap of root left in the soil has sprouted a new yucca. The websites i consulted offered lots of commiseration, but no effective way of getting rid of the yucca, short of paving over them. Just thought I'd see if you experts have an answer. Thanks.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Cut the yucca off at ground level and paint glyphosate (active ingredient in RoundUp and other herbicides) on the cut stem as soon as you make the cut. Persistence will be required. As soon as you see the first indications of growth, hit them. If you allow it to grow the root system will be enhanced and it will take more applications to be effective. vw