Food Garden Christiansburg VA

Asked July 6, 2016, 9:57 AM EDT

I just moved into my home in Christiansburg, VA and am looking to plant a (food) garden. What crops are still in season to plant now (the beginning of July) for this area? And what should be planted from seeds or from started plants? On another note, I am also looking to plant fruit trees and bushes and am wondering if there is a particular season best to plant and what will do best in this area.

Montgomery County Virginia

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Hello- Welcome to Christiansburg! Did you know we had a Farmers Market, downtown on Thursday afternoons?

Before you jump into planting, I wanted to ask about your soil or site selection. Do you have a location? Have you had your soil tested? Are you growing in the ground or pots? You can grow about anything this time of the year, as long as you have a water source. Many of the cole crops and leafy greens do not do well in the heat and may be bitter as a result. But any of the "summer" crops are still an option. Our frost usually start around late October, so you should still have around 100+ days of the growing season left. See the file attached for a growing guide. I like to plant any perennial crops (plants) in the fall of the year. It allows the roots to establish before you expect new leaf growth from the plant. I would try to get everything in by Thanksgiving and of course watch the weather for any severe (wind, floods) weather or early freezes. Have you visited Crow's Nest in the Price's Fork area or any of the local nurseries? They are also a big help!

I did not know about the farmer's market, I will have to check that out!

I would like to grow what is in season to plant as seeds in ground (then I was thinking I would grow things like tomatoes and peppers in pots so I can bring them in when it gets too cold). The previous owners grew food regularly and had garden plots already fenced off so my understanding is the soil is pretty decent (although I may add some fresh growing soil just to be safe).

Great! keep us posted with any additional questions as they arise.
Happy Gardening~