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Asked July 5, 2016, 10:38 PM EDT

So i got this new filly, she was UTD on all shots and wormer, but I noticed when I got her that she had a pot belly. I've had her for three months now, ( she 1 year and 9 months) and I have given her Ivermetic and then gave her a 5 day session of Panacure, as I was concerned it was worms, it changed nothing . She has always been kinda ribby, despite eating as much as my 16 hand, 12 hundred pound quarter horse. She grows about an inch every month. She has a high protein diet with plenty of hay and grain and seems to grow as normal. But I trained her mother a few years ago, who despite also being UTD on everything also had a little bit of a pot belly, could it just be the way she is built?
I have the vet scheduled to come out in 3 days, but I was wondering what others thought. I've heard everything from its normal for them to get a pot belly to dangerous parasites. So i was hoping to get some clarification. The first picture is of her recently and the next one is when i first got her.

Clay County Kentucky

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In order to answer this completely I would need more details of the entire diet. My first reaction and question is what is the quality of the hay. Typically the main problem with growing horses who have a pot belly is that even though they may be eating plenty of hay their hay is not good quality so they are getting a lot of gut fill but not a lot of nutrients from the hay. It is recommended that growing horses be fed a legume hay mix, so that they have adequate protein, vitamins and minerals along with energy content in the hay they are being provided and not just getting their core nutrients from the grain portion of the diet. I would suggest making sure that the hay is not a mature grass hay, so no seed heads and large stems, and make sure it is at least a 25% legume mix. If there is any question about the nutrient content of the hay it might be best to get it analyzed. There are plenty of labs across the country who can perform this service.

Good luck with everything and I hope this helps.