overseeding, fertilizing and weed control

Asked July 5, 2016, 5:57 PM EDT

when and how should I do the above., This is for approx. 15 acres of horse pasture, also I don't stall my 3 equines so is it alright to let them graze this year round. Thank you for your help.

Lane County Oregon

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Your pasture may end up weedy and the soil compacted because horses are able to continuously graze throughout all of the seasons. Horses tend to compact wet soils and overgraze pastures in the winter when grass in western Oregon is dormant and not growing. OSU Extension has a good publication that addresses horse management on small acreages that is definitely worth a read through. Management of Small Acreage Horse Farms.

Seeding and fertilizing are typically completed in the Fall if irrigation water is not available. Weed management is year round. Depending on the weed species and your interest in use of herbicides or non-herbicide options, your approach will differ. At this point in the summer mowing weeds before they are able to produce more seed is a practice worth considering. You will want to keep animals off a new planted pasture until next summer, if at all possible. You may consider keeping one small pasture available for a sacrifice pasture so that your animals are still able to be on a field, but not have access to all of your land. Please review our publication Pasture and Hayland Renovation for Western Washington and Oregon. You will notice there are several ways to renovate pastures depending on your equipment options and timing. When ready, please feel free to contact me directly, to discuss your specific site and plans.