Well water testing

Asked July 5, 2016, 5:31 PM EDT

My horses have been losing weight and just seem not to be thriving no matter how much grain, hay and worming and vet care I give them. I have an older pony that is still losing weight no matter what we try and I believe that our well water may be the culprit. Someone mentioned to me that I may need to get it tested. I have no idea where or how to get it done. I would like some information about this. I have about 15 acres in Horse Branch, Ohio County, Kentucky and all around my property is woodland with some farmland. Also the well is a hand dug well that was on the property already when my husband was a child, since the 1940's. Any information and/or prices charged for well water testing would be appreciated. Thank You.

Ohio County Kentucky

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Hello. Thank you for your question. Please contact the Ohio County Extension Office and the extension agent will be glad to assist you. I have included his contact information below.

Gregory G Comer
1337 Clay St., Hartford, KY 42347-0066
(270) 298-7441