Bird Mites, What to do?

Asked July 5, 2016, 4:23 PM EDT

Last Thursday (6/30/16) our second story bedroom window Airconditioning unit started an infiltration of very tiny mites. Apparently a bird nest located in the window sill space underneath the A/C unit had just been vacated by the baby birds /Sparrows? So it appears the mites were searching for new prey. I called pest control and they recommended that we remove the nest, so mite source would be gone. They had no further recommendations. They said to use alcohol or bleach solution to kill mites. We removed best Saturday, sprayed with alcohol. We had already vacated room on Thursday, using caution to not spread mites. Internet searches were sketchy as to how to get rid of mites. There were many horror stories however of infestation. I seem to be the choice for dinner with about 30 bites so far. Please advise...they mites are not as great as Thursday but are still present in and around window and A/C unit. Is there an insecticide? I read about steam application and dehumidification. Help, I have pets too (cat and dog). I have washed and bagged everything in room, using borax (recommended for wash). I'm not sure what is effective since there seem to be no reputable source on line. Urgency is required as I believe bird mites can multiply very quickly! Thanks for your help ...

Montgomery County Maryland

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Bird mites need a bird host to get the blood they need to reproduce. Bird mites survive very poorly outside the protected nest environment, and they cannot reproduce on any other host than birds. Humans and mammal pets are incidental hosts, one that they may bite but can not survive on.
Be sure to remove the nest and clean the area well. Bird mites don't survive long in air conditioned houses. We cannot say how long they will survive . Wash all bedding and affected clothes in hot water. Mites in living areas can be removed with a damp cloth (ethyl alcohol works well on non-porous surfaces) or with a vacuum cleaner. You can also lay double-sided sticky tape along those windowsills to intercept the mites if they enter. People have different reactions to bug bites or allergens, you may want to contact your physician, particularly if the problem persists.
See the publication from Penn State on bird mites