Plant Identification?

Asked July 5, 2016, 9:05 AM EDT

I am trying to figure out what the plant in this picture is. Can you help? Thanks, Chris

Oldham County Kentucky

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Hello Chris - this is boxelder maple. It is a soft-wooded tree which is very weedy - meaning it just seems to pop up anywhere and everywhere. These seedlings are best removed as they do not make sturdy trees.

Thanks for the reply Traci, but I don't think this is a Maple. It is low growing and vine like. I will send another view point of the plant. Thanks, Chris

Yes - seeing the vining nature changes my opinion. It appears to be trumpetcreeper. Take a look at these photos:

There are some cultivated trumpetcreeper selections sold as ornamentals. But the trumpetcreeper native to Kentucky is considered a weed. The vine can spread, and the main trunk will become woody over time, which can cause damage to fences as the vine grows and pushes against/around structure. It is pretty on roadsides, but not good in the landscape.