My pear plant in Miami, FL.

Asked July 4, 2016, 6:12 AM EDT

My dear people, I do hope you get this email and get some answers. I bought back in October 2015 some pears from a patented variety called ANGELY'S. I do know (as I was informed by the grower) this is a hybrid variety with patented genetic material, however I was able to germinate several seeds in my refrigerator and after one month I had several sprouts. I planted 2 (in one 12" clay container) back in December and they began to grow (about 10") but around April I began seeing the plants languishing and when I was about to discard the whole thing (they were pretty much dead), I discover a new steam coming out the soil pretty close to the almost dead last standing plant. Well, as you can see on my attachment, that steam is now full of life even taller than the attached pic (this is from June 16th) reaching almost 36" tall. I live in sunny Miami, FL and my balcony aims North, therefore no direct sunlight exposure, some streaks during the summer, in the morning and then some after 4 pm with help from my LED lights. What may happen with my plant...??? Any chance of flowering or fantasize about fruiting...??? What do you recommend me to do...??? Will she be a Pear plant...???

Miami-Dade County Florida

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Your tree looks like it is doing well. However the leaves do not look like pear but look more like an Oak. Are you sure there wasn't an acorn planted by a squirrel in your pot.
Generally pear seedlings do not have the same genetics of the fruit you took it from. The fruit might be similar or it might not. Most fruit trees are asexually propagated by bud grafting to keep the genetics the same from tree to tree.