Please help identify this tree, we'd love to help it!

Asked July 3, 2016, 1:35 PM EDT

We moved here 5 years ago, in the fall. We were told it was a cherry, by a neighbor, but it has born no fruit or flowers. Each year we have marked that it seems thin, and starts dropping leaves in the early summer. As you can see, we have the two swings, and it has a special place in the neighborhood hearts. I have dropped a few spikesin the yard over the years, and it gets regular water, good drainage and almost full sun. Is about 75-90 meters tall. Would love to know what it was, and if we can help it. Thanks for your help!

Clay County Missouri

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I checked with a Missouri Department of Conservation forester on this one, just to be sure on the identification. It is a cherry tree. They can get 30+ feet tall and over 12 inches in diameter. You can't really help old trees. They only live so long and may quit producing after so many years. All you can do is keep it watered during a drought and you might consider using fertilizer stakes around it in the late fall or in the spring.