Identifying grasses and weeds

Asked July 2, 2016, 12:40 PM EDT

I have some seedlings growing in my garden that look exactly alike except that some smell fragrant - like an herb or lavender - and I cannot identify them using online resources. Is there an office near me (VT Campus area) where I might take some samples to someone who would be able to identify them? Thank you.

Montgomery County Virginia

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Can you upload a photo to this question forum or send it to me at
Once I can take a look at the plant, I should be able to ID it for you and provide recommendations. Our office is located in Cburg at the Govt Center on Roanoke St. I'm at a farm visit today, but will be back in the office on Monday.
You are welcome to send a photo or drop a sample by our office.
755 Roanoke St
Suite 1G
Christiansburg, VA