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Asked July 1, 2016, 4:01 PM EDT

Going to try and download 3 pics. One picture shows the bottom of my plant and the next it's flowering top. The 3rd picture has thick leaves and looks like a succulent. Can you tell me what they are called so I can use the correct fertilizer? Thank you.

Franklin County Pennsylvania

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The plant with the sharp pointy leaves with the tall flower stalk is a yucca. It is a n evergreen perennial native to the southeastern United States, but has escaped cultivation and now ranges into New England. Here's a link for more info:

The succulent in the third photo is a variety of upright sedum. If you didn't plant it, it is probably a volunteer from a neighbor's garden. It may flower later in the summer. The Autumn Joy variety of sedum has been very popular with gardeners for years. The fleshy leaves turn a beautiful shade of red in the fall.

Both of these plants do well in poor to medium well-drained soils. Both will rot if grown in too wet conditions.

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My mother was European and use to call the above succulent "live forever plants". Although they are not. She used them on her toes for her " corns" and maybe to heal burns. She just put the leaf on the affected area and wrapped it in bandaid.

Interesting! I am familiar with use of the aloe plant, another succulent, for healing burns and skin irritations.

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