No mow grass?

Asked July 1, 2016, 3:21 PM EDT

There are at least a few grass seed mixes that are advertised as very low maintenance (e.g. "Eco-lawn" or "No Mow" are two that I found quickly). Are there any varieties that you have experience with that do well in our climate? Thanks!

Frederick County Maryland no mow lawn eco lawn

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In general the two seed mixes that you mentioned are comprised of fine fescue grasses. We do not have information on what types they are and can not recommend them.
Fine fescues are comprised of creeping red, hard, chewing, and sheep fescue. This group of grasses is recommended for shady conditions; however, Hard fescue does grow well in sunny areas. Mowing is required only about 2-3 times per season. They do not perform well under frequent foot traffic. Soil needs to be well drained and will not tolerate high rates of nitrogen fertilizer. See our publications for more information and recommended cultivars