Tomato Disease Question

Asked July 1, 2016, 10:57 AM EDT

My tomato plants seem to have developed a disease. I first noticed it a week or so ago. It appears to have spread among plants, and seems to be getting worse. It starts on the lower leaves/branches of the plant. The leaves have brown spots and leaves turn yellow then brown. (Image attached. I can send more photos if needed.) I'm wondering what it is and how to treat it in order to hopefully save the tomato plants. Tomato plants came from farmers markets and nurseries. They were planted May 30, and have really taken off during the past week or so. Plants are about 2 feet tall. They types of tomatoes are Porterhouse, Defiant, Roma, Black Krim and Green Zebra. Thanks for any advice you can provide. Nancy

Prince George's County Maryland

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This looks like septoria, a common problem in tomatoes. Remove affected leaves. vw