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Asked July 1, 2016, 4:55 AM EDT

As requested. I have included pictures of the fruit and the slimy Coverd seed which is like glue and the seed after cleaning up (it looks like heart).
The fruit is used to treat Asthma .
The plant does not produce flowers it just have the fruit come out small them becomes larger with time. The fruit rippens to off-white yellowish collar. Location is baghdad. Iraq. Thanks

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I'm continuing to work on identifying your fruit tree. I'm in communication with someone from Iraq in hopes that they can assist. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you Dr Leary for all your help,

We are still working on the identification. Is this a fruit tree or a woody vine?


I think this might be Cordia dichotoma. It goes by many common names including but not limited to: fragrant manjack, snotty gobbles, glue berry, anonang, pink pearl, bird lime tree, and Indian cherry. The immature fruits are pickled and are also used as a vegetable fodder. The leaves also yield good fodder. The seed kernel has medicinal properties. The fruit of this tree is valued for its sticky mucilaginous pulp, which is eaten to suppress coughs and chest complaints, and to treat sore throats.

Thank Thank Thank you Dr Leary, you have made me so happy

using your information i have fond aother name , its called (Assyrian Plum), the Assyrian lived in iraq about3000 years ago.

below is the link about its uses for health, from the book (Postharvest Biology and Technology of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits, 1st Edition)

i am planing to try the leaf for 20 days to cure high blood sugar, i will let you know how it goes


You're very welcome! Thank you for the additional information. Wishing you success for your treatment.
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