New Pond Ideas

Asked June 30, 2016, 6:07 PM EDT

Recently in Burnet County, I completed construction of a 120' X 160' pond that is 1' to 9' deep. It depends on water runoff from a 8 acre field (no live stock) covered with native grass. Please give me some ideas on how to start off the pond and manage it correctly so it will be healthy enough to stock and support fish. I have my land under wildlife management for tax exemption and would like the pond to be a sustainable water source for wildlife. Algae has started to appear in the tank. I just installed a solar powered aerator to augment oxygen in the water. Your suggestions will be appreciated.

Burnet County Texas

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Alage is not necessarily a bad thing. Do you have fish in the pond? From the picture I don't see anything that would be considered an algae problem. Algae is a great food source for many fish species. Which species are you planning on stocking in the pond?
What you do want to do is establish the biological microbial community in the pond to help support fish. This would mean adding nitrifying bacteria to the pond. Nitrifying bacteria takes the ammonia secreted by fish and breaks it down to non-toxic components. There are several types of nitrifying bacteria products on the market, and others that will help treat algae and muck. You may want to check out the water quality sections of the articles linked below.