Asked June 30, 2016, 4:37 PM EDT

We are in the second year of a meadow planted with Ernst seed mix, planted by Silvis Landscaping in Mount Pleasant, Pa. It is now all weeds and I'd appreciate speaking with someone about where to go from here Thank you Cindy McHolme 412-657-3081.

Somerset County Pennsylvania

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Here is a link to a publication from the University of Connecticut on wildflower meadow planting and care.
Unlike wild land, a cultivated meadow needs to be treated like any flower bed. While the things you planted get established, weed seeds in the soil and blown in on the wind take advantage of openings in the meadow to establish themselves. The publication I referenced explains weed management and the dos and don'ts of meadow gardening. If you really get disgusted, you can run the mower over it and rake up all the chaff. Then tackle the weeds as they start to grow back. It's going to take a couple years work before you can relax.

Thank you so much Eileen.