Asked June 30, 2016, 4:00 PM EDT

What are these little bugs and larvae. They are killing our zuccini and squash plants , we are seeing them at the root end.

Barry County Michigan

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I need to know what damage you are seeing. Is there leaf eating, stem wilting? The larvae could be a stem borer, but not sure what the beetle is. The adult of a stem borer is usually a moth or fly type insect. One possibility is a flea beetle. You didn't give me a size. Can you send me more information? Thanks.

It appears they are attacking the root..its withers and the plants wilts. Also noticing thick curly leaves. The bugs are a bit bigger than a flea. What will kill them ? I will send more pics.

Hello. Your question has come to me after going through several folks in the Ask an Expert system. I suggest you submit your photos to the MSU Diagnostic lab for ID. You can do this through email to pestid@msu.edu. Hopefully they will provide an answer for you.