transplant 35 yr. old blueberry bushes?

Asked June 30, 2016, 3:37 PM EDT

Is it worthwhile to bring old blueberry bushes from northern NJ and have my son plant them on his Granite, MD property. The bushes have been thinned and pruned back,flowered and set fruit now. Set is sparce but the plants are now under very shady conditions here and would have full sun there. Do you think the plants would thrive given the chance or is it better to get fresh stock? If new stock, what variety (s) would be most suitable for him? Any suggestions on keeping animals from eating most of the berries? I used to cover them with netting but had a fair number get caught .

Passaic County New Jersey

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If you are planning to transplant now and these bushes would have to travel for four hours in drying wind, we would discourage the transplanting. If you could wait until fall or spring when the leaves are off, your chances of success would be better. If you transplant them, you will not immediately get high yields, since the plants will take a while to become established. If you buy new ones, it will probably take about three years to get much of a yield. It is important to prepare the soil and make sure that the pH is correct. See the following links for information about growing blueberries and cultivar suggestions.
You will have to have a fence to keep deer out and bird netting to keep out birds and squirrels. Even with these precautions, sometimes the critters manage to take all the fruit. vw