Rose bloom faded color and flower not lasting

Asked June 30, 2016, 12:19 PM EDT


I have a rose plant new, planted mid-May. The first flowers/blooms on the rose were gorgeous, see photo 1.

The second set of flowers are faded and when bloom, the petals are not "tight" and open up as if they are ready to fall off. The second photo is of a flower/bloom the first day it opened. (bottom bloom) It looks like it is days old! The color is also faded.

I did have some aphids, treated with liquid spray. Also gave the bush some rose fertilizer about 2-3 weeks ago. Also, perhaps I am overwatering? Ground is very wet around the plant.

Thank you.

Jefferson County Colorado

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Check to see where the flower stems are originating. A number of roses are grafted, so the rootstock is different than the plant grafted to it. I suspect that the second bloom you are seeing is coming from below the graft union and the bloom will look different. The graft union looks like a knob on the lower stem.
You can either allow the rootstock variety to bloom or cut off the canes.

And yes, it could be that you are applying too much water if the soil around the plant is wet. Here is the link to a CSU Extension fact sheet that discusses rose planting and care.
You'll see instructions on watering in there. At this point, they should have one deep water application per week. If you don't have an organic mulch in place - like wood chips or similar material - then apply some to help keep moisture in the soil and keep the soil cooler.
Good luck!