Asked June 30, 2016, 5:15 AM EDT

I have these two bites and have not been feeling well since. I woke up one morning and found them. They started itching around the area, I've been sick to my stomach, running a low grade temp, weak, sleeping a lot, cannot eat, very thirsty. Not sure if it is a flu bug or connected. Maybe just coincidence, but I thought I'd ask. At first I thought the bites were from one bug with stingers about .5 inch apart, but now I wonder if it could be the two much smaller bites (maybe 1/4 inch)? There are two sets of two bites. In my sleep I must itch them and it is hard to distinguish the one set on top, but it is identical to the other. Almost like pinchers or something. I've seen earwigs around lately. We live about two blocks from a lake and sadly have a lot of spiders in our basement. I try to keep up, but they just keep coming in groves. I spray around the perimeter inside and out, but it doesn't seem to slow them down. Any idea what could cause bites like this? This happened about 3 weeks ago and the picture was taken about 3-4 days ago. Some of the redness and a small amount of the swelling is gone now. It isn't as hot or as hard as it was. Thank you, Bonnie Scherer Prior Lake, MN

Scott County Minnesota

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Earwigs rarely bit people and some of the information I have found states that the earwigs in the northern US are not big enough to bite humans
This forum is staffed by gardeners not doctors. If you are not feeling well after an insect bite you should see your doctor. I hope you feel better soon. Itchy bites are very irritating.
One way to trap earwigs is to roll up newspaper, dampen it, lay it on the ground and collect it the next day and dispose of it.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I did see and he feels we need to know what it was that bit me. Our earwigs in the house ar about 1.5 inches long...including they pinchers. I saw four the kitchen last night. I try to keep a.very clean home. Do earwigs bite?

If not, any idea what else could have done this? The picture is see the bites being they reacted, but it was clearly two punctures about .25 inch apart. A second set was about .5 to the right.

Someone said a.widow bite looks like this did. They are not in MN are they? Anything bites? We do not have bedbugs. Tested.
Thank yoi.

Thank you so much.

You are very welcome. I hope the itching quits soon. Chigger bites drive me crazy each spring, so I can relate to being kept awake.