Problem with One of My Apricot Trees!

Asked June 29, 2016, 2:58 PM EDT

I have four apricot trees and they are about 12 years old. I just noticed that one of them has a problem. Its leaves are drooping and some branches are bare. I'm not sure what is wrong or how to treat the plant. I do not notice any pests on the tree. I am attaching photos that show the tree near the other, healthy ones, and closer-up pictures of branches. The entire tree appears to be affected. Thank you in advance for your help.

Calvert County Maryland fruit apricot

1 Response

We cannot definitively identify the problem(s) that are affecting your apricot from your photos. Apricots are notoriously difficult to grow in Maryland. It looks like some kind of vascular problem. There may be borers. Once borers are in the tree, they cannot be killed. There may be some kind of root problem, such as critters digging or chewing on roots. We suggest removing the tree and possibly planting something with a better chance of survival, such as pears, Asian pears, sour cherries. Brambles and blueberries also do better in Maryland. vw