Asked June 29, 2016, 11:04 AM EDT

I have a shady lawn area that I would like to reseed. I was going to this spring, but couldn't. Would it be OK to reseed it with the same shady mix that I've been using from my garden house (City Farmer, Grand Haven, MI).

Ottawa County Michigan lawns and turf lawn

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If it's a grass mix labeled for shady lawns, then yes you should be able to use it. Depending on whether or not you still have some grass in the shaded area, it may or may not blend well if the grasses in the mix are different than the grasses already growing. Grasses recommended for shady areas are fine fescues (Sheep, Creeping Red, Hard) or tall fescue. You can check the label of the shade mix to see what it contains. The best time to seed a new lawn is late summer/early fall for good root establishment. Shaded lawns are the most difficult to maintain, so you may want to consider some shady lawn alternatives. Information on shady lawn alternatives can be found at: