Fliwering tree suckers

Asked June 28, 2016, 3:38 PM EDT

We had a beautiful floeewering tree it got too big so we cut it down. Now we have 30 to 40 suckers growing in our yard. If we cut them down they come back thicker. If we poison them with roundup we have more come up within a few days some where else in the yard. How can we get rid of these. Some suckers are as far as 50 feet away from stump

Tulare County California

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It would be helpful to know exactly what kind of tree it is. Generally to kill a vigorously growing tree like this the recommendation would be to use a 'stump regrowth preventative" herbicide. Usually the instructions say cut the trunk and IMMEDIATELY paint it with an application of herbicide before the cut is dry and 'hardened' off. You should be able to find several stump killing products that can be applied directly to freshly cut stumps (ready to use) as well as others that require mixing before use. Look for products with active ingredients of: 2, 4-D, dicamba, glyphosate, imazapyr, picloram, and triclopyr. Several manufacturers make these and sell under many different trade names. .

What's important is that the treatment must generally occur immediately after cutting. Always read the label to check on correct usage. Optimal results will be had by applying a product that is known to work on your specific species of plant.

In rare instances as we have found here in trying to control bamboo, mechanical removal with a bulldozer or a root grinder is needed to remove as much of the root as possible. Any remnant sprouts can then be dealt with using the stump treatments.

Good luck..