Cecil County. Lawn Fungus Control

Asked June 27, 2016, 9:30 PM EDT

We live in the Rising Sun Area. Our tall fescue lawn has recently developed several brown areas. Through the internet I have identified the problem as red spot fungus. The infected area is located in about 1/3 of my acre lawn. Do you have any recommendations on controlling this fungus and to stop it's spread?

Cecil County Maryland lawn red thread disease

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It is important to note that fungicides cannot cure a fungal disease that has already manifested itself in the lawn. Fungicides can only prevent a fungal disease if applied before any symptoms appear. Typically, golf courses and some athletic fields spend lots of money pre-treating their turf grass annually in order to prevent diseases. This is impractical for homeowners, and in most cases, the diseases that affect most homeowners' lawns can be prevented by proper lawn maintenance practices. And, in many cases, the disease is a temporary occurrence and the turf grass simply grows out of the problem as the season progresses.
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