Diagnois cause of yellowing of new leaves on apple tree

Asked June 27, 2016, 4:57 PM EDT

I have a few young apple trees on B9 rootstock that are showing symptoms that I am not certain what the cause is. New leaves on the terminal tips of the leader and branches are yellow in appearance and show weak growth. Even to the point of some die back. Some older leaves are mottled with yellow. Trees were growing vigorously until this started roughly 3 weeks ago.

Kearney County Nebraska

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Have you applied any herbicides around the base of these trees? Possibly RoundUp? The cupping of the leaves and the yellow color could indicate the plants are pulling in some herbicide.

No. I assumed no one was getting back to me so I took it upon myself to research it further. Found out it was a copper and zinc deficiency (confirmed by a soil test and leaf analysis).

Sorry it took so long for a response. I was forwarded your question today about noon.

Thanks for letting me know what you found out.