Asked June 27, 2016, 1:30 PM EDT

There is a Bee hive being built by my garage door. I would like not to disturb them, but it's not a good spot for them. I may have to knock down the hive. Will the bees move to another spot on their own? or is this very destructive for them. What would you suggest. We need to help the bees. Thank You Lucy Ofner

Rock Island County Illinois

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This sounds like it might be a wasp nest. Is the nest visible and made of paper? Honey bees make nests inside protected spaces and the combs are made of wax. Bumble bees make nests underground, usually. If this is a hanging gray-colored papery nest, it is a wasp's nest and you shouldn't feel bad about knocking it down. They can be dangerous and become more dangerous as the season wears on. If you'd like to send a picture of the nest through this system I'll tell you what I think it is.
I hope this helps!