sidedress sweetcorn

Asked June 27, 2016, 1:02 PM EDT

I have a 5x15 plot in a community garden. I rototilled it, added 360 pounds of bagged manure/compost and rototilled again. I added 5 pounds of 5-10-5 and rototilled again. I planted 4 five foot rows of bodacous corn. then a few winter squash, then 4 more rows of corn. the corn is about a foot tall after 3 weeks. I have access to water. I have these questions. Should I side dress the corn and when? Can I plant a few pole beans next to the corn to have a 3 sisters garden? This would have to be in the next week -the corn would be 2 feet tall when the beans sprout. How tall does the corn get-I would guess 5-6 feet, but bought bulk seed so have no info. Thank you.

Wayne County New York

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I sincerely doubt you would have to sidedress the corn with the amount of manure and fertilizer you used. Just keep it well watered. Beans can be planted when the corn is about 3 feet high. Without knowing which variety of corn you planted, I would have no way of knowing either how tall your plants would get but most get 6 feet or more.