Tree Frogs invading Pool and Creek

Asked June 27, 2016, 11:18 AM EDT

My husband and I have a creek next to our house and we also just opened our in ground pool last week. Before it was opened, it was a breeding ground for the frogs (grey tree frogs and green tree frogs and lots of toads) and millions of tad poles. We now have a beautiful pool and the frogs come out at night to serenade and breed (some nights we have to use ear plugs, as the pool is right outside of our master bedroom). They hang out on the coping and the patio around the pool, they swim in the pool and we have to skim daily to remove their eggs. We need some help removing them or finding out what we can do to prevent them from taking over our pool and to have a more quiet atmosphere outside at night. We don't want to kill them, would love for them to be removed - they only come out at night between 8-10pm and sing through the early morning. I've attached pictures from the internet that I found to show you what we have.

Howard County Maryland

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Frogs are very beneficial. They are eating your mosquitoes and other insect pests.
However, tree frogs are incredibly loud!
Because they are such a vital part of a healthy environment, we do not have any recommendations on control, however do keep in mind that frog populations vary tremendously from year to year depending upon weather. You may have years when you have almost no frogs at all.

For further information, you might want to contact the MD Wildlife Hotline: 877-463-6497. They field questions about nuisance wildlife.