Grapes, the kind you eat.

Asked June 26, 2016, 7:31 PM EDT

I have several grape bushes/plants. Last year I only got a couple of bunches and were small in size. I was told the reason for this is too much Foliage growth. This year I have tons of grape bunches on each plant. I am worried they will be small or not at all. Should I be cutting back the foliage and if so how much? Thank you for your input.

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Grapevines do a fantastic job of regulating the cropload and only ripening what they can. So, what you have on the vine will most likely get ripe, unless you have few leaves. With fewer leaves, a heavy crop load will not get ripe and you can thin off some of the bunches if you are concerned.

What variety is it? Typically for a wine grape variety - between 5-8 leaves per cluster are required to ripen a single cluster. Some grape varieties are more or less vigorous, and so these numbers could change.

I hope this helps out!