Linden tree won't grow

Asked June 26, 2016, 9:38 AM EDT

We had a landscape place plant this tree for us 3 years ago it won't grow small branches die getting a few new leaves n but not many and by the end of July they have yellowed and fell off

Buffalo County Nebraska

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Linden trees are pretty tough and trouble-free so I would guess it is a combination of things. Some common reasons for young trees to fail (and again, it's often a combination of things) are: Over-watered. Planted too deep. Fertilized with nitrogen. Back-fill soil is amended. Burlap is not removed from root ball (if these was a B & B tree). It is also quite large for a young tree that has not grown in 3 years. If this was the size at planting, and the tree happened to be moved in with a tree spade; then the tree lost up to 80 or more percent of its roots; and it can be tough to recover from that. We have also had some environmental stresses with our weather extremes. Again, my guess is it is a combination of transplant shock, environmental stress, and possibly a poor cultural practice or two. Let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks for using eXtension.