Whatvtype of spider is this!!!

Asked June 26, 2016, 7:27 AM EDT

I went to Jamaica last year and brought some tropical flowers back and then started noticing this spider a lot around my house should I be worried???
manchester uk.

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The spider in your photo is a type of long-jawed orb weaver or stretch spider in the spider family Tetraganthidae. I suspect this is most likely a female Tetragnatha species, a couple of of which are found in the UK, but I can't be sure from just the photo. I rather doubt that you brought these back from Jamaica, since "tropical" spiders would likely not survive long in the UK. Rather these are native spiders that you probably just never noticed before. They live in moist grassy or weedy areas, spinning orb-webs, but because of their long, slender shape, they are much less noticeable than other spiders. They are not venomous and are considered harmless to humans. I have included some links below to webpages with more information and photos of these types of spiders.