Tree has a fungus?

Asked June 25, 2016, 7:42 PM EDT

Would you be able to identify the problem with this tree. It's a Buckeye Chestnut - located in the DeWitt City Cemetery, DeWitt, MI, We have several of these trees in the Cemetery. How would we treat them? Two of the trees are within s large flower garden. Thank you.

Clinton County Michigan

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The tree is not affected by a fungus. The small bumps on the leaves are galls caused by very small insects. Insect-caused galls on plants are considered to be a nuisance. The number of galls will vary from year to year. No pesticide will be effective.

By the way, that tree is not a buckeye chestnut. See

Jean is correct in her diagnosis and that this tree is not a buckeye (Aesculus spp.). This tree is actually Celtis occidentalis, common hackberry, and is a native tree of Michigan. You can learn more about this tree at

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