Blackhaw Viburnum

Asked June 25, 2016, 1:55 PM EDT

I read an article in the May 22nd Baltimore Sun about plants / trees for dense shade. I thought the Blackhaw Viburnum might be a good choice, but I can't find them at local nurseries. Do you think they are a good choice if so, where might I find them? If they aren't a good choice, what else might work that is relatively fast growing, dense and makes a good fence type barrier?

Howard County Maryland shrubs plant selection

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There are no fast growing trees/shrubs that will grow in dense shade. In general, fast growing trees tend to be weak wooded and can be problems later. You did not mention whether you wanted evergreen or deciduous trees or shrubs and if deer are an issue. Consider a mix of tree species so you do not lose them all to a specific disease or insect problem. You will have to consider the site - and the mature height and width of the plants. Black haw viburnum grows best in light to moderate shade. Look at native plant nurseries for sources
Evergreen choices include upright hollies and inkberry. In general, evergreens do not really grow well in dense shade.
Deciduous shrub selections include Itea; Fothergilla species. Groundcovers -sedum ternatum, ferns such as Christmas ferns, Hay scented ferns, Maidenhair ferns, and sensitive ferns. Other groundcovers, include tiarella (running or clumping).
See our website for planting information as well as publications for a listing of native trees and shrubs and a deer resistant list.
For more native plant selections see the attached publication "Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat & Conservation Landscaping"
Visit your local nurseries for more information and to see what is available.