Farmer 300 Fungicide

Asked June 25, 2016, 9:57 AM EDT

I mistakenly planted some carrot seeds with Farmore 300 fungicide treatment on them. This really bothers me, I missed the label at the bottom that stated it. I worked very hard this year for everything to be organic and chemical free. I'm ready to dig them up except I couldn't find them. So what can I do now? What can you tell me about this chemical? How long will it remain in the soil? Will it be in my carrots? Why would someone treat seeds for food with chemicals? Why would someone treat with chemicals, before there is even a problem, and not even attempt cultural controls first? Thank you for your assistance.

Hennepin County Minnesota chemicals

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FarMore Technology is an on-seed application of separately registered seed protection products and proprietary application technologies. FarMore F300

contains three fungicides: Apron XL, Maxim 4FS and Dynasty. Apron XL
®, Dynasty
®, FarMore
®, Maxim
are registered trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company.
FarMore®<span class="_wysihtml5-temp-placeholder"></span> F300, an advanced fungicide seed treatment
technology, delivers protection for a variety of small-seeded
vegetable crops against a broad spectrum of seed and
seedling diseases. With the active ingredients mefenoxam
(Apron XL® fungicide),
fludioxonil (Maxim® 4FS seed
treatment fungicide) and azoxystrobin (Dynasty® fungicide)

As far as I could find, it has a short life when exposed to soil moisture and as such will not be in your carrots. Chemicals are used to let companies provide seed more cheaply and feed many more people. Cultural controls can work for you & me since we work with few seeds and a small growing area but when hundreds of acres are involved it becomes more cost effective to use chemicals. Wen in doubt about anything, follow the bottom line!