What to start a class garden

Asked June 25, 2016, 9:19 AM EDT

I am a preschool 3 year old teacher I want to start a container garden for our class this year on our playground and a raised bed garden for our other 3 year old class. The school has a large raised bed area but I don't know what type of soil is in it and what type of soil I should use in the in the containers , also the containers I want to use are the long ones so each of my 22 kids will share a container planting 3 or 4 vegetable s of their choice in the starting in the fall. Please help

Howard County Maryland

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It would be much safer if you provide the students with the seeds that will be appropriate rather than allow them to choose a vegetable of their choice. Some of the better choices for containers would be some flowers, radishes, any of the leaf lettuces, kale, spinach, some of the herbs, etc. These are vegetables that will tolerate cooler temperatures and do not require a long time to mature. Also, root depth is an important factor. If the soil is at least 6 inches deep, you could plant bush beans, but you need to do that as soon as school starts in the fall.
The vining plants such as squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. require lots of space and deeper soil. Pumpkins require 100 days of warm weather to produce fruit.
You may have known all of this, but, I just wanted to make sure you are able to enjoy some degree of success.
We have lots of helpful information on our website: http://extension.umd.edu/growit
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