Can Redwoods go into root shock?

Asked June 24, 2016, 11:20 PM EDT

Hi there,
I have 21 redwoods lining the front of my home in Sacramento CA. However, this year they expanded the road right up to the trees drip line! Now if that wasn't enough they couldn't get the grade right so it took them 2 wks of digging and pounding before they we're finished! In this process the pounding shook our home violently, as I am sure it did to the roots of my trees. Now they look terrible! They are shedding worse than I have ever seen in the last 14 yrs! Could they be in shock from all of the seismic vibration?


2 Responses

the trees will have been affected by all the digging and alterations of water supply. I do not know if there is a lot of evidence on seismic vibration impacts on trees, but there is a good chance that trees will be able to bounce back next year. You definitely should keep some records of what the trees look like in different months to see how the bounce back, if any, rolls out.


I want to thank u so much for your response!! I have been keeping an eagle eye on them and they don't seem to be getting worse.. However, that was a great idea about taking pictures to watch their progress or lack there of!