Curling leaves of green beans (pole and bush)

Asked June 24, 2016, 10:59 AM EDT

Hi, I planted around 10 of green bush beans and 10 pole beans. The first few leaves that came out were ok, but the plant was around a foot tall with more leaves on it, the leaves started curling and showing symptoms of disease. I have attached some pics. can you advise what is causing it and how I can control it ? there does not seem to be any visible pests on the leaves. The problem is across 80% of the beans. Any advice would be great !

New Castle County Delaware

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Leaf roll is in most cases a temporary condition, which appears to star on the older leaves first. Excessive soil moisture causes it. When the soil dries out, the leaves unroll. The condition does not normally have a long-term effect on the plant growth and production. If the foliage of the beans look discolored, puckered, or distorted, not just curled, it could be symptoms of a virus disease or damage from herbicide drift. There is no cure for virus infected plants, but you can reduce problems by controlling insects such as aphids and leafhoppers that can spread the virus from plant to plant as they feed. If you spray herbicides in another part of the garden, be sure to apply on a calm day to minimize drift.