Asked June 24, 2016, 8:55 AM EDT

Why is the straw that I bought full of seeds, and, do I need to pull those when they weed?

An added note:

I think the companies that produce garden soil, top soil, etc. should be regulated and required to show the percentage of ingredients. Too many of these sold at retail stores is full of wood that will not break down. I have seen wood chips that appear to be from burnt wood, and even chips that appear to have varnish or shellac of some sort. So much of soil around Denver is of clay soils as you know; I call it crap, and companies use it or worse to bag as soil amendments. They don't amend it enough and people don't understand what they are getting. What they are selling has the appearance that it is better than it really is. Can CSU do anything about this?

Jefferson County Colorado

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Straw is the bare stalk remaining after a seed head crop (ie, wheat) is harvested. The straw may have seeds from the crop in it and possibly a few weeds, although straw is generally free of weed seed.
Regarding the soil products: CSU is an educational institution and not a regulatory agency. I suggest you take your question to the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
Here is the link to their web page: