Blue Rug Junipers tips are Brown

Asked June 23, 2016, 7:42 PM EDT

I have many blue rug junipers around my house. Last year I noticed some of the tips becoming brown. This year is much worse. I read on your website that this could be a fungus. What do you recommend? We live in Hollidaysburg. Thanks!

Blair County Pennsylvania

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Fungus is a possible cause of the tips turning brown. There are different fungi that can cause similar symptoms, so it is best to diagnose the specific fungus to determine appropriate management. Management will likely involve pruning and disposal of diseased parts and may involve properly timed application of a fungicide. To determine if a fungus is causing tip die back and which fungus is present, I recommend sending samples to the plant disease clinic for testing. Please see this website for information on submitting a sample:
You will need to fill out the sample submission form, which can be downloaded from the above website. You will want to send samples that include the brown tips along with healthy green growth below on the same branch.