How do I thwart critters that are boring into our Bing cherry tree?

Asked June 23, 2016, 2:04 PM EDT

Hi, we have a 7 yo Bing cherry tree that has signs of some sort of boring insect infestation (as in 'tunneling' not 'God, this is so...'). Is there any way we can treat this or is it too late and the tree will cark it? Thanks for any help!

Bernalillo County New Mexico

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The main borers for stone fruits are 'peachtree borers'. The symptoms for these are usually globs of sappy goo coming out from the main trunk around ground level or at the base of the primary roots just under the soil line.
The picture I see looks higher up on the trunk and does not show any goo. This makes me think it was originally mechanical injury (something like a lawnmower, etc.) that has grown a little bit with decay. Best course of action is to keep the tree healthy, clean up any dead bits around the wound, and with good growth the tree can seal the wound.

Thanks Graeme. I'm suspicious about those two holes within the damaged area (see attached pic). Would that be caused by decay as well? I thought it looked kind of borer-ish. We recently had a jujube tree die that had tiny bore holes low on the trunk (similar height to the ones in our cherry). There didn't appear to be any sap-weeping on that tree either, but the leaves started looking sad, then the bark started falling off.