Surprise rabbit pregnancy

Asked June 22, 2016, 9:32 PM EDT

Hi there. My rabbit has had a surprise pregnancy has made a nest. I put in a nest box but she is not using it? Also what shall I do for the next few week? When can I add the male in again? (He is now neuted) what are the signs the babies are comming. Also what should I do about a nest box as she has already made her nest? I tried outing one in but she will not use is she made her nest at the top of our cage in the sleeping area so the kits could fall down? How will they roam the cage if there is a ramp to get down?
Thanks from Erin

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Hello Erin! If you can, gently take the nest the rabbit has made and put in the next box. Make sure she has access to plenty of clean straw to build/rebuild the nest. The box should be slightly larger than the rabbit.

The male rabbit (buck) should be kept separate from the female (doe) and babies (kits) until they are at least 3-4 months of age. Ideally, male, female, and baby rabbits should not be kept together regardless of age. Rabbits can reach sexual maturity by pretty young so should be segregated by sex at 12 weeks. Babies should be sold or given away between 8-12 weeks or moved to their own cages. Adult males can harm kits so it's wise to keep them apart.

After the babies are removed, you can add the neutered male if you want to keep them together (although this is generally not recommended).

Does start next building about a week before they birth. This occurs at around 31 days. Again, make sure her next box has clean straw in it and move the nest mass into the box. Hopefully, she will relocate.

Thank you!