Spraying near waterways

Asked June 22, 2016, 4:25 PM EDT

I need some clarification. I work for a municipality (Borough of Paxtang), and have an outfield fence line that is being overtaken by vegetation. I would like to spray the fence to control such vegetation, except for the fact that it rests within 10'-20' from a local small stream. What I've found so far is that I believe I need to file for an NPDES in order to apply pesticides/herbicides within that area. Any help or clarification would be much appreciated. Thank you! Eric Kessler

Dauphin County Pennsylvania

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You do not need a Cat. 9 (aquatic) pesticide license to treat the fence. However, you must take every precaution not to allow drift or runoff to enter the stream - things such as avoiding application when windy, using a spray tip that forms large droplets, which don't have a tendency to blow like finer ones do, etc. Also, read the label of the herbicide you are using for any other environmental precautions.