Creating a flowerbed/bushes area where grass and sprinklers are

Asked June 22, 2016, 3:12 PM EDT

Neighborhood dogs use our green utility stumps as toilets. I wouldn't care so much, but I have 5 small children that play outside and it makes me mad that they're playing where dogs pee. And it's especially gross when owners don't pick up the poop! I'm wanting to pie off that area: rip out the grass, plant bushes/flowers that dogs don't like smell-wise, and put rocks or bark down. I have an in-ground sprinkler system and was wondering if I will have to move sprinklers around. They are the kind that just pop up and spray upward and outward, they don't move like some do...I hope that makes sense :) The sprinklers are spaced every few feet as to cover the entire front lawn. I'm wondering if creating my little "bush/flower bed" will prevent surrounding grass to get watered correctly. Also, any dog-deterring plant suggestions, if you have any, would be appreciated (full sun)! Thanks for your time! Sincerely, Ashley

Davis County Utah

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These are good questions, but I'm not sure I have good answers. I don't know of any plants that prevent dogs from marking territory. I think you are probably correct that if you go to a more shrub/flower landscape that it might reduce the problem, especially if the shrubs are loose in form.

Your pop-up sprinklers can still work, but you may want to alter them. You can replace them with pop-ups that extend higher vertically. You can also replace the heads with something like an MP rotator which can save water and work better for a shrub-type situation. Lastly, you can convert them to drip-type systems. Probably the biggest problem is trying to irrigate lawn and shrubs at the same time. Turf in general requires more water, so you will be over-watering the shrubs or under-watering the lawn. It is possible to make it work, but there will be some inefficiency unless you remodel the irrigation system so that their are separate stations for the lawn and separate for the beds.

Good luck!