What is attacking my apple fruit and leaves?

Asked June 21, 2016, 7:28 PM EDT

apple fruit problem. --Photo included. Please diagnose the problem with the apple itself (not just leaf). Is it scab? or something else? thank you.

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No it is not scab. Most of it looks like insect damage. The large brown spot on the bottom of the apple is green fruitworm feeding damage.
The leaf feeding could be the same thing but probably another leaf roller.
The half moon shaped punctures are probably plum curculio egg laying scars
I also attach a picture of egg laying scars on apple.
Something, probably a moth larvae was eating on the leaf when it was smaller. Leaf rollers usually skeletonize the leaves and web them together so this might be something else. An insecticide application before bloom in the pink stage will knock down insects feeding on the foliage like the green fruit worm and leaf rollers. Another insecticide application after bloom when the fruit is about as big as the end of your little finger will take care of plum curculio and other early direct pests. We usually hold off on the plum curculio spray until we have 2 days in the 70s and warm nights. That seems to be the trigger for plum curculio, warm humid nights.

The growth of the apple is also deformed. This could be rosy apple aphid but you would also have tightly curled leaves in the fruit cluster and the aphids. http://www.ipm.msu.edu/insects/rosy_apple_aphid
By now the aphids should be gone, moved on to their summer host.