Beets and Kale attached, help!

Asked June 21, 2016, 6:21 PM EDT

My beets and kale disappeared as soon as they sprouted. We installed a new fence that should be relatively bunny proof so I don't think they are the culprits. As soon as the leaves sprouted half were nibbled off and the next day they were polished off. I am left with stubs of the stems for the beets. A few kale plants survived but the vanes are the only part left on the 3 plants that survived. I attempted replant son both with no success. Nothing else was effected, please help!

Otter Tail County Minnesota

1 Response

If you are certain that no rabbits were able to get under your fence then the only other likely culprit would be an insect of some sort. Without seeing it is very difficult to say what it might be. Birds usually pull plant out and it is unusual for squirrels to do that. The beets may regrow if there is still some top left. You could try covering them with netting or chicken wire until they get some size to them. Usually once they are larger they aren't bothered as much. I would also check to make sure that there is no way that a rabbit could have gotten in. You could still replant.