Spraying Bleach?

Asked June 21, 2016, 2:13 PM EDT

Is going around at end of day spraying bleach an "acceptable" practice? To me, no?! I wash my toys often. Plus sanitize. I also wipe cabinets down regular. After/care, goes around just spraying bleach water? Leaving mirrors, etc, yucky in am? What's a proper response?

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1 Response

There are many steps to cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting a child care facility to reduce the spread of germs. Just going around randomly spraying bleach does not sound like an effective way to get the entire facility clean. See Disinfect Child Care Surfaces with a Bleach and Water Solution for specific instructions on using bleach and water to disinfect. Keep in mind that bleach-water solution loses its effectiveness quickly, and needs to be mixed fresh each day.

There are also other steps to keeping the child care environment clean. Toys need to be washed often -- toys that are placed in the mouth need to be cleaned and sanitized before another child uses them. Sheets and other linens need to be washed regularly (at least weekly for older children, if used by the same child all week, and more often for infants and toddlers). Check out Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting in Child Care for specific guidelines and cleaning strategies.

Every state has different child care licensing regulations, including specific requirements about how to clean, sanitize, and disinfect. I would recommend that you check your state licensing regulations to find out what is required in your state.

Good luck, and thanks for your concern about keeping children in your care healthy.