Gay Marriage - Recognition of social change or decay of values?

Asked June 21, 2016, 10:07 AM EDT

my question is whether or not gay marriage or marriage equality for that matter can be seen as the state recognizing the social change in their society and is therefore something which was achieved by the society changing and developing OR if the legalization of gay marriage was simply a means to an end and the state was perhaps considering potential benefits which would come with giving everyone equal rights, be it economical reasons or other (except for social reasons of course).
My main focus with this question is on Germany, since gay marriage is not fully legal over there yet, but of course this kind of question can be projected onto a lot of countries. So, does gay marriage show that the state has acknowledged social change or was there a completely different motive at play?
I would love to hear some pros and cons for the question and really hear what an expert might have to say about this :)

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