Red Headed woodpecker house issue

Asked June 21, 2016, 9:39 AM EDT

My family of woodpeckers has just moved on with their lives. There was the last baby in there on Saturday, there was also a rat snake who poked his head out of the house. We got him out and the next day the baby (who was big and ready) was also gone. I took down the house to clean out the debris. It is covered in ants.
* Do I clean off the ants and put some kind of deterrent to keep them off of the house?
* Is there a deterrent to keep snakes out?
* Do I put the house back up or is the "nesting" season over for woodpeckers?
Thank you
canjanwill on youtube and you can see the mama video flying in and out to feed - long but very "nature-istic"

Brevard County Florida

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That is great that you cleaned out all of the debris but you can also scrub the house with a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water. Rinse it well and then leave it open to dry out completely. I would also suggest that you put the house back up since woodpeckers can still lay eggs through July, based on the information from FWC ( ). Since your previous location had problems with ants and a snake I would recommend trying a different location. If you could mount the woodpecker house on a freestanding pole that might be best. You could mount it at the same height and near the previous location so, if the woodpeckers return, they will find it. Hopefully, the snake won't be able to get in it and the ants won't find its new location.