creamy white cherry

Asked June 20, 2016, 6:21 PM EDT

Hello-in McMinnville--a 40 foot cherry tree--loaded with clusters of creamy white skinned cherries-bing size with long stems--no blush of any kind. Any ideas? Searches keep showing Rainier-which it is Not...i have worked on the pest management board in Tri-Cities, WA and have never seen anything like this. Thank you--jim curtis ps-i checked it after this note--and they are showing the slightest creamy yellow color--so they are apparently still ripening--which will make it very difficult to pin down--had they remained white--i felt it would be much easier...thanks.

Yamhill County Oregon

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It is very difficult to identify a variety from its written description. There are very few yellow cherries available to home owners and even fewer available 20 years ago, when this tree might have been planted. There is Rainier, of course, which you state is not the right cherry. There is Starks Gold, which is a small yellow cherry with no red blush. Very seldom would it grow to the size of a Bing cherry. Finally there is Emperor Francis, a cherry used for processing in Michigan, but it usually has a nice red blush. You can Google the name and see what it looks like. I think the most likely explanation is that the tree grew from a seed and is not a commercial variety. This means that it would be a unique cherry, unlike any other in the world, since all cherry seeds are a result of hybridization. These seeds then, have traits of both the parents (F1) as well as traits from grandparents (F2), etc. and as such are not identifiable as any single variety.

Hi-i know these are inadequate-but will give a little idea included for comparison--fyi-thank you.

This looks a lot like Starks Gold, but without DNA testing there is no way to say for certain. If it is not Starks Gold, I would say that it is most likely a seedling tree.

Thank you Lynn--i think you're right--mighty close from pics on net---. !!