Iris fungal leaf spot treatment

Asked June 20, 2016, 1:17 PM EDT

How do I treat this on bearded iris....they're all affected. I have cut the leaves back, but is there a fungicide I can apply?. Also, can uninfected roses be planted in the same location where I removed a knock out rose infected with rose Rosetta disease?. Thanks.

York County Pennsylvania

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Here is the information on treating fungal leaf spot, including cultural and chemical approaches The mechanical/cultural methods are a must.

Rose rosette virus does not infect or live in the soil. However, since the disease is carried by tiny mites that blow in from neighboring infected roses, this situation needs to be addressed or else your new roses will also get infected. The mites especially live on multiflora rose, a non-native invasive rose that will invade areas. Remove any nearby, especially upwind.

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